The Benefits of Barefoot Running

Barefoot running is running on any surface without the protection of modern padded running shoes. Some enthusiasts consider the Vibram FiveFingers, the very thin-soled shoes that look like rubber gloves for the feet, similar to running barefoot itself. The purpose of wearing these is to protect the feet from sharp objects that may cause injuries.Photo ©  … [Read more...]

Getting Back on Track


I have always known how difficult it would be to run again after months and years of no running, but I never realized it would be this hard. I stopped running completely in 2010 because my lower back injury was getting worse. After years of seeking treatment, I finally felt better enough last year to run again. I'd always told myself I would go back in training, but … [Read more...]

More Tips on Building Back Up After a Running Hiatus


All runners go through a period of time during which they rarely or never run. Sometimes this down period derives from a lack of motivation, a post-marathon hiatus, or an injury of some sort, like the back pain I have had after my first marathon.Whatever the reason, however, the dedicated runner is sure to grow antsy and eventually make her way back onto the roads. When your … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Get the Running Habit Again


I knew it would be hard to get back to running again, after such a long absence. I knew I would have to face my biggest enemy—myself—when it comes to restarting the running habit. For years, I've been used to inactivity, and I definitely knew that it would be a challenge to get me out the door again. What I didn't know, however, is that it would take my whole will power … [Read more...]

Best Christmas Gifts for Runners


It’s Christmas once again! Are you running out of ideas as to what you can give to a runner? As a part 2 to my post 10 Great Christmas Gifts for Runners, here are some more gift ideas for your loved one who runs.iPod Nano mаkеѕ thе ultimate runner gift. It іѕ ѕо small thаt you саn fit іt іnѕіdе thе key pocket оf any running shorts. You can fill it up wіth а playlist оf the … [Read more...]

Reasons tо Run Thrоugh thе Winter


Cold weather іѕ fast approaching аnd I knоw ѕоmе runners whо wіll pack іn thеіr shoes fоr thе season. I've nеvеr bееn оnе оf thеm—I get waylaid by injury, not weather, since I'm in a tropical country—but ѕоmе runners јuѕt can't find а reason tо bе оut thеrе during winter. Well, thеrе аrе mаnу reasons tо run thrоugh thе coldest season. Hеrе аrе а few:1. Winter running … [Read more...]

I’m Running Again!


I’m back! Yes, I’m running again. After 16 months of absence, x number of consultations with the ortho, one acupuncture session, x number of deep tissue massages, x pounds gained, nine sessions of physical therapy, and six sessions of osteopathy, I’m finally confident enough to pound the pavement again.Sangkhlaburi has the longest wooden bridge in Thailand.I was in … [Read more...]

On Running and Happiness


For more than a year, I had stopped running. I’d injured my lower back during my training for my first marathon, and I hadn’t had the sense to have it checked up. In the past year, I have undergone physical therapy, did my core strengthening exercises, and taken alternative therapies like acupuncture and hilot (deep tissue massage). Running by the beach ©AaronIn the time … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Tips for Runners


It's the rainy season once again! For runners who don't like to get wet, it's indeed a challenge how to continue running during these wet months. I, too, don't like to get my sneakers wet, but when I trained for a race, I ran as scheduled, rain or shine.Woman in the rain. © Mackenzie CowellI asked some runners on their tips for running in this weather. Here are some of the … [Read more...]

5 Core Strengthening Exercises for Runners


Are you a newbie runner? A veteran? No matter how long you’ve been running, you must know the importance of strengthening your core muscles. If you don’t, welcome to the club! I didn’t know either, until I injured my lower back which still prevents me from running until today. I’ve been seeing a physical therapist for over a month now, and I’m doing the following core … [Read more...]